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Learning motivation is the key to success Motivation to study at school

It is known that a child, entering school, must study all subjects. This means that it is necessary to motivate the child's interest in science as such in general. We cannot expect that the child will do well in all subjects, that is not the point. It is about instilling in him the conviction of the advisability of assimilating knowledge. The easiest way to do this is by indicating the connections of the studied material with specific things used in life, for example, combining knowledge from biology and physics with phenomena occurring in nature, the applied use of problems from mathematics in everyday life, indicating the problems of literary characters that relate to each of US.

In a situation where we ourselves see the meaninglessness of the requirements of the school curriculum or the professional inadequacy of one of the teachers, we cannot talk about this in front of a child. You need to find a way to solve your homework. With the help of you can do it. You do not need to tell your child what the school program is, but just help him. If we deny the authority of the school and the teacher, especially in the elementary grades of school, the child will lose the motivation to obey the system that his parents deny. It can also be a simple excuse for not wanting to do homework or study in general: „I will not do this because the teacher is stupid and the task does not make sense.“

Not too hard, not too easy

A sense of competence plays an important role in motivating a child to learn. We enjoy doing what we are good at. If the child decides that the task is too difficult and exceeds his capabilities, he will lose the desire to complete it. In such a situation, it is necessary, first of all, to help the child understand the complexity of the task. Maybe the child just doesn't understand what to do? If it comes to writing written works, then use…mework-help/ to solve this. Sometimes it will be very effective to break the problem into smaller parts: „We don't have to read the whole book today, we will read only a part“, „If the math assignments are difficult, let's start with the simplest and easiest ones.“

Sometimes a child is simply paralyzed by a lot of work to do. In this case, you need to help him decide where to start. It is always best to start with a simple assignment or a favorite subject in this situation. If the first tests are successful, the student gets motivation and a desire to act with subsequent ones. In writing written works, take…rature-help/ which can effectively help in writing. In turn, it must be borne in mind that too easy tasks are not interesting, do not motivate the child and do not lead to the acquisition of new skills.

Raising a child will not do without the use of a system of rewards and punishments. In the case of motivation to learn, we must be extremely careful. We cannot allow a situation in which the child will expect a reward for every good grade, since in this case the motivation will not be for learning in itself. Likewise, punishment for poor grades can cause rebellion and disgust in the child.

Colour pencils

In encouraging the child to education, the conditions that we create for him to learn are also important. If we equip the child with a cozy corner with a beautiful writing desk, at which he can calmly do his homework; if we tell a child that this is his own „kingdom“, he will be much more willing to „reign“ in it. Buying school supplies that the child likes, a cute and cute pencil case, colored pens and felt-tip pens, notebooks with interesting pictures on the covers – all this provides the child with joy and happiness, he will want to use them with great pleasure, and, therefore, do homework, write or draw.

Love and acceptance are the keys to success

The most important thing, not only in terms of motivation for learning, but in general, which is the key to success in raising a child, is acceptance (recognition) by his parents, regardless of what he does or how he behaves. A child who grows up in an atmosphere of acceptance, the feeling of being loved and respected, will find it easier to accept our point of view. Our faith in a child's capabi­lities and helping to establish his own faith in himself can work miracles. And a child who gains faith and self-confidence will find it easier to overcome problems and more willingly to confront various adversities.