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Importance of Mobile Applications –How Do We Measure It? It seems each and every activity pertaining to human life will be covered by millions of mobile applications soon. The journey started long back with mere invention of calculator. Soon, computers became the craze for businesses and later on ruled over individuals. The journey is two and a half decade old but, completely different today. A new picture of technology has gripped the world by its ever enchanting magic coupled by the advancement of mobile devices. 

Mobile devices are now laden with mobile application development, some of which are important and some are designed for no reason in mind.

There are a number of way with which we can make users aware of the importance of the app as well as the performance of the application on any network. We will discuss that in our next blog. But, I would like to ask for your opinion or feedback or suggestion on the question that still stands tall to most of us. Are all applications important or more or less important? Should the insignificant applications be removed from the app store on analysis and user review basis?   The 3 most common mistakes companies make when submitting an audit report Quarterly VAT payers submitted their second control report in July, and many of them made errors. We bring you an overview of the errors that officials most often find in control reports. Thanks to a new method of supervision, 30,000 suspicious companies got into the search office of the tax office.

Missing data The most common mistake is not to fill in the e-mail or data box ID. In the first report, 4% of companies were wrong at this point. However, one of the data must be provided.

Another problem concerns the VAT number. Those entrepreneurs who use a group VAT number or have a different as software engineering company VAT number and ID number often state the wrong VAT number or lack it altogether. Another problem is not filling in the number of the relevant tax office.

Late delivery of e-form If you file an electronic tax return within 5 days of the deadline, the financial administration will still wave your hand over it and register the return as duly filed.

But this five-day tolerance does not apply to the control report e-form . If you do so after the deadline, it is considered ineffective and must be re-submitted.

Incomplete correction report If it happens that the entrepreneur accidentally forgets to include some invoices in the inspection report, he must submit a follow-up or corrective inspection report. However, some software companies will only send the corrected part to the tax office. But they have to send the whole control report again correctly .

The inspection report began to „bear fruit“ The purpose of the audit report, which has been in force since the beginning of this year, is to reduce evasion in the payment of value added tax (VAT). Fi­nancial administration applies the principle of so-called cross-checking. This means that payments between companies must fit together and software qa company. When one states that she has sold the goods, her customer must also have the transaction recorded.

If the data does not fit, the company is exposed to the risk of control. Thanks to the inspection report, the tax office identified 30,000 com­panies with irregularities­. Before explaining whether it was fraud or just poorly submitted forms, the Office may withhold some of the VAT refund from some of them.

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