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Can A Miniature Horse Be An ESA?

Small horses or breeds like Falabella also called miniature horses are becoming a source of emotional support to more and more people. It might be surprising for you that a number of people prefer miniature horses to be their emotional support animals just like terrier breeds. In this article, you’ll learn some amazing facts about miniature horses and how awesome they are to be your ESA. 

What Is An Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

ESAs are animals that provide emotional support to people who undergo different physical or mental disorders. As it has been proved scientifically that animals can help people to reduce anxiety levels and to calm heartbeat and blood pressure. That is why doctors prescribe emotional support animals to people who need psychological therapies. 

What Kind Of Animals Can Be An ESAs?

Almost all kind of animals can be emotional support animals depending as long as they provide comfort and satisfaction to their owners. The most common emotional support animals are service cat and dogs as they are more human friendly and are easy to keep in the house.

A Miniature Horse As An ESA

You may be surprised to read that small horses or miniature horses are great emotional support animals. That is why you might have seen them in public places, private housing, or at the airports. They are damn cute and able to attract everyone in their surroundings. 

Miniature horses provide affection, love, and solace to their owners. They are really sensitive and can sense the moods of their owners just like caucasian shepherd dog and cats. Miniature horses seem like stuffed toys and this enhances their beauty and makes them a great source of joy and happiness. They are very helpful even for children suffering from bipolar disorder and ADHD.

If you’re looking for an emotional support animal then a miniature horse is one of the best options. 

Can A Miniature Horse Live In Your Home?

Emotional support animals are allowed to live in with their owners but there are few things that you should consider. First of all, you’ll need to present an emotional support animal letter to the landlord if you’re renting an apartment. The second thing is, does your State allow this animal as an ESA? You need to look for it as different States have their own policies and permissions in terms of ESAs. Attempt to play indoor dog games with your dog.

How To Register Your Miniature Horse As An Emotional Support Animal?

To register any of your domestic pets as your emotional support animal, you need to visit your legal mental health professional. He will examine you and if he finds you eligible under the federal law for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), then will probably issue an emotional support animal letter to you. 

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

According to this federal law, disability is defined as any physical or mental condition that affects the quality of life. Under the ADA, people with disabilities are allowed to live in and fly with their emotional support animals. 

Difference Between A Service Pony And ESA

Do not confuse these two ponies. Service pony or horses are trained animals just like service dogs but they are also same as healthiest dog bre­eds. They are assigned to people to perform different tasks and miniature horses are best guides for people who can not see such as blind ones. 

Miniature horses are easy to train and if you’re planning to bring them to your house then you can easily train them to live without being messy. 

Well, they are so cute and adoring that you can forget all your stress and anxiety by watching them. They possess all the quality of perfect emotional support animals. Their size makes them awesome to live even in a house. 

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