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Sample MBA Admission essay: Foreign languages

This article is posted under sample MBA admission essays

An MBA degree is something that I want to have for myself. And I believe that I have come a long way for it. Ten years ago, I was just the average shy college freshman. But I have managed to come out of that particular personality. I engaged myself in activities that have developed me into the confident person I am now. I was involved in different college organizations back in my college years. This, I believe, propelled me to take more responsibilities. I also became exposed to so many things. These particular experiences that I had back in college became my ultimate survival kit in my career.

Now that I am on the verge of making my dream a reality, I really feel so excited and pumped up. The MBA program I chose focuses on International Relations essay writing service. I believe that this program would be an avenue for me to learn more foreign languages. I am a fluent speaker of Spanish. As a matter of fact, I have been immersed in the Spanish culture for quite a long time. This new experience made me believe that the business field is a global industry. It is a never-ending but fulfilling quest. Thus, it is best that I be equipped with the necessary information. This particular MBA program would help me in preparation for my planned career expansion. Aside from this, I want to put up my own international management consulting company. And the curriculum of this MBA program would help me to do that.

Although my colleagues say that I have achieved so many things, I still feel that I only have mediocre accomplishments. This is brought by my search for a higher form of learning. After all, humans can only learn so much. I want to elevate my standard so I could say that I have improved myself. And an MBA degree will help me prepare for this crucial transformation. Aside from this, I think that going back to school is a humbling experience. School is a place where I would be able to refresh myself. For me, enrolling in an academic institution would feel like going back to the basics. It is an avenue to make myself adept to the upcoming changes and improvements in my chosen field. And after all the hard work, it is nice to come back to a place that would feel like home.

There is still more than enough room for improvement after I get my MBA degree. I know that finishing this academic requirement would not be the last step; it is just the first of many. And I feel that the program of ______ University would assist me as I climb my ladder of success.

The Importance of Joining a Review Journal in Law School

A law review is a journal or paper edited and distributed by students of a particular law school. Law reviews are staffed by students of a law school essay writer and features articles penned by law professors, judges, and law practitioners. The law review is the avenue for academic publishing of articles related to the judicial system. Students can also publish articles called “notes” or “comments” in law reviews.

Who can join a law review?

Law students vie for positions in law reviews and law journals in their respective schools. Flagship law reviews most often use writing competitions to screen members. Student in their first year of law school can join and if picked, write those case notes and comments that come out during the school year. Senior student soften hold the editor positions while those younger are assigned to staff positions.

What types of law reviews are there?

Law reviews basically cover a wide range of issues regarding the law but there are some law schools that publish reviews about specific topics. These satellite journals or specialty law journals offer a more concise focus on issues concentrating on one type or branch of law.

Why is it important to join a law review?

Law reviews and journals serve as platforms for legal discourse in the academic level. Though articles done by a student can hardly influence any major legal decision in the field of law, such articles can be cited the basics of ieee referencing to be of great integrity as these are usually well-researched.

Having the name of your law review as a bullet in one’s resume is a good bait to reel in prospective employers. Law firms are on the look out for candidates with the best credentials, and membership with a law review or journal signifies that the candidate possesses exceptional qualities.

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