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Subtitles Speak to the World


Indeed, the cultural value that television enjoys made it essential that subtitles and, eventually, closed captions be incorporated in the media. So, the same post production subtitling processes were put to use, allowing for dialogue to be printed onto the tapes of TV shows. However, the way in which television provided these services changed dramatically when teletext arrived in the 1980s.

The significance of teletext cannot be underestimated. Thanks to remote control technology, and the early Download Song of the Sea Subtitles digital technologies that are today seen as so archaic, television viewers were in a position to access written information that ranged from the TV schedule to the arrival of flights at regional and national airports. What this actually meant was that people could access information whenever they wanted, without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. The age of immediate access had begun, and with it a natural expectation for immediate services.


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